Egypt Bread - Bread in Egypt


Egypt Bread - Bread in Egypt


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In the ancient Egypt, people had different diets, depending on the social status or wealth.

But one aliment was common for everybody's diet: the bread (in Arab: aysh, which means life).

Bread stalls were present in the larger villages starting with the 12th century.

The flatbread was in the poor people's meal, while the rich people could choose from almost 40 kinds of bread.

The ingredients used to make bread in the ancient Egypt were various, but the most used wheat and in the same time, the best one, was the triticum aestivum. Also, the bread was made from all kinds of cereals.

The bread's texture and structure were different, depending on what flour was used. Just like the actual Egyptian breads, the old ones weren't spongy, turgid or light.

An interesting detail is the one who says that in   the   ancient  Egypt  was over 30 different  shapes  of  the  bread,including the round bread and the flat one.

The round bread still exists in the Egyptian food and is called pita.


Today, in Egypt are three important types of bread (pita):
The white pita bread (Aash Shami) is made only from inferior wheat (that is called aysh baladi), or only from refined white flour (that is called aysh shami) and is the most common bread in Egypt. This type of pita is almost identical with the American pita bread.

The Egyptian sandwiches are made from this type of bread filled with meat and not only.


Egypt Bread

The dark crisp Egyptian pita bread (Aash Makamar) is similar with other traditional bread from Egypt called Aash Balady, only that the dark bread is baked for a longer time. It is made from a mix of wheat flour skin with wheat flour.

Egyptians use dark crisp pita bread when they made fatta, a lamb soup prepared in the Ramadan period.

The dark Egyptian bread (Aash Baladi) is also made from wheat flour skin mixed with whole wheat flour, it has a round form, it is thick about one or two centimeters and has a diameter of fifteen to twenty centimeters. The bread's form is ideal for sandwiches and kebabs. The dark Egyptian bread is hand-made and machine-made. The hand-made pita has a lower layer covered with much bran.



The Egyptians breads are from various textures: very dry, soft or just dry and can be bought individually. Some Egyptians prefer to make the very dry pita a little bit softer and wets the pita in running water and to passes it trough a flame.

The Egyptian breads are used as spoons for some types of foods.



If you intend to travel to Egypt and to try the tasty traditional Egyptian bread, it will be no problem; in the Egyptians markets and bazaars you can find, especially in the morning, stalls with fresh and steamy pitas as well as other Egyptians goodies that will tempt you with their smells and forms.



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