Egypt Bird Flu


Egypt Bird Flu


Egypt Bird Flu

The bird flu (known as H5N1) is a flu virus that suffered a mutation; because of this mutation almost 50% from the persons that are infected with this virus can not be saved from death.


The virus causes a pneumonia to which few people can resist. H5N1 appeared in birds killing the most of them who were infected.


This virus is not specially adapted for the human organism but it causes death to people because the human race is somehow congenial with the birds. Fortunately, H5N1 is not transmissible from a human to another.

The virus is transmissible trough the birds` saliva, nasal secretions and excrements.


The other birds can come in contact with these secretions or with the infected areas. It seems that some ducks contacted the virus because they stood on contaminated water. And because the bird flu affects the migrant birds, H5N1 can be transmitted anywhere in the world.


There are some vaccines against the bird flu but it is not for sure that they will have any effect if the virus will suffer the modification that will allow it to be transmissible from a human to another. Egypt had trouble with the bird flu, too.


Egypt bird flu appeared in 2006 and made many victims. In that year the first cases of people decease because of the H5N1 were confirmed. The virus was found at some chickens in Minya, Cairo and close to Giza.



In Cairo a woman of 25 year old died because of the bird flu, after she was hospitalized for breathing problems and fever. She was infected with the virus in a province situated at 130 km from Cairo's South. The most of the Egyptian people infected with the bird flu were children and women from which some of them passed away. The ill persons got in contact with infected poultry.




Egypt stopped to import chicken products and live birds, and checked all the Egypt's borders and harbors. More, the hunting season was cancelled and the samples from the birds were taken.

Bird Flu Egypt

The Egyptians were told to wash the eggs before eating them, to wash their hands carefully after they cut the poultry meat, to boil the poultry at 80 C because at this temperature the H5N1 can be destroyed in one minute. And since the virus attacks first the organisms with a weak immunity system, the Egyptian were advice to eat many fruits and vegetables, as well as yogurt and honey to make their immunity stronger.

The farmers and their employees were advised to not touch the infected birds and to wear masks when are around the infected birds.


In case that the bird flu was tracked in human beings, the Tamiflu medicine should be given to the ill people; the medicine only makes the virus to spread slower in the human organism.




Fortunately, the virus` spread was under control and no more cases of ill people or birds were registered. The situation came back at normal and everything is under control.



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