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Egypt Beer


Even from the ancient times the beer represented an unmissed place in the Egyptian's diet. The legend says that the god Osiris is the one who brought the beer to the Egypt's people.


Dating from the Pharaohs` time, the beer was also used in the sacred rituals and was made from baked barley. More, the beer was used in medical treatments; in a medical document dating from 1,600 BC, lists over 100 prescriptions that had the beer as medicament. The Egyptians dead people's souls were also honored with beer and food. The proof is this inscription found on an ancient tomb: "Satisfy his spirit with beef and fowl, bread and beer". In the beer houses you could hear “Here's to your ghost", the Egyptian's favorite toast.
Another interesting legend related to Egypt beer is that the man who wanted to marry to a royal princess had to offer to the Pharaoh a keg of beer – the perfect gift.  The beer brewing patroness was Isis; and since the beer was a such an important element in the Egyptian life, its quality had to be maintained so an official was appointed to take care of this problem.

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The beer is also mentioned in the Egyptian's Book of the Dead; the beer brewing appears depicted on many wall hangings from the ancient Egypt.

As regarding the situation of the Egypt beer today, although this country is an Islamic one, there is a big beer production; in Egypt are beer marks that have a tradition of more than one hundred years.


The government is the one who is in charge with the control of the beer's production. There are people who think that the Egyptian beer is the best beer in the world, due to the raw material which the beer it is made from.


The most famous Egypt beer is Stella, which exists on the Egyptian markets from the 19th century; the most of the Egyptians and tourists prefer this beer that exists in all the Egyptian bars as well as its logo. Stella beer can be found also in some European bars.

Stella Beer Egypt

Stella beer has three types: Stella local, Stella export and Stella Premium. First of them is the most beloved and also the most famous, it has the traditional, unchanged taste.

Although there were times when this beer's quality wasn't so good, since the producer is Al Ahram, the quality is excellent. Stella local can be bought in cans and bottles and has 4.5 % alcohol content.  Stella export is characterized as being refreshing and smooth, it cost a little bit more and has 5.2 % alcohol content. It can be brought in cans and bottles. If you like a strong and dark beer, then Stella Premium is the right choice for you; it can be bought only in bottles and has 6.4 % alcohol content.
Other marks of Egypt beer are Meister (Meister regular and Meister Max) and Sakara Gold. The beer's price varies from 5 to 8 pounds.




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