Egypt Beach Resorts


Egypt Beach Resorts


Year by year an impressive number of tourists come to the Egypt beach resorts, attracted by the beauty of the Egyptians beaches, the warm temperatures and the fine prices. In case that you want to spend a holiday on the Egypt`s beaches, you can choose from the below places:


Egypt Beach Resorts

Sonesta Beach in Sharm El Sheikh, is situated on the Naama Bay`s sands and offers some views of the South Sinai’s mountains and desert, as well as some views of the Red Sea.

In this resort you will fell like in a country`s village due to the traditional Arabic archways and domes. The resort has restaurants and bars, one casino for those who want to try their luck, a private beach, 7 swimming pools, scuba diving in the Red Sea and 520 suites and guest rooms each of them having a patio or private balcony.


Ras Sidr is situated at two hours from Cairo, on the Sinai Coast. The mountains, the desert areas, the sandy gulfs, the valleys, some virgin beaches make from this place a special one, visited by many tourists.


The place is also known for its herbs, desert plants, sulfuric spring used in therapeutic purposes, and for its marine creatures and rare species of fish.


The Ras Sidr has a moderate climate, with a low humidity and a temperature of 25 C in august. “Pharaoh's Bath” (Hammamat Phara'oun) is the most famous spring, located in the south of Ras Sidr.


The waters of this spring help the healing of some skin and bone diseases.



Egypt Beaches Resorts

Another attraction of this Egyptian resort is the Qalat El Guindi fortress, dating from 800 years ago. The new airport and a new hotel chains will make from this beach resort an even more popular place. Dahab, meaning “gold” in Arabic, is situated in the Sinai Peninsula; this beach resort has palms, golden fine sands, a superb turquoise sea and offers great possibilities of diving and windsurfing. The main attractions are the on-the-ground restaurants, with their low tables and big cushions, placed on the sea shore. 


These restaurants are a combination of Bedouin and Hippie styles, having the fish as main specialty. But, the interesting and captivating think is that the clients can pick the fish from the stalls and tell the cook how she or he wants the fish to be prepared.




Hurghada is situated on the Red Sea coast and is the perfect place for the aquatic sports. Diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, swimming, deep-sea fishing, sailing, all of these are practiced on this resort. Here you can see through bottom boats from glass coral reefs and numerous species of rare fish. Other attractions are the finest underwater gardens offshore. Hurghada also has clubs, restaurants, a museum and an aquarium where you can see a complex collection of the Red Sea`s fauna and flora.




This beach resort is surrounded by island full of excitements such as: the Giftun Island, the Shadwan Island, the Umm Gammar Island or the Abu Minqar Island.



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