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Egypt Air Cargo is one of the seven subsidiaries of the Egypt air, the Egypt's national airline company that has flights in more than seventy countries from Africa, Europe, USA, Far East and from the gulf area. Egypt air Cargo was founded in 2002 and Cairo International Airport is the company's principal base.


The cargo company has flights to destinations such as: France, with landings on the Châteauroux-Déols "Marcel Dassault" Airport from Châteauroux, United Arab Emirates,with landings on the Sharjah International Airport from Sharjah, Belgium, with landings on the Ostend-Bruges International Airport from Ostend, Germany, with

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landings on the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport from Hahn and, of course, in Egypt, with landings on the Cairo International Airport from Cairo. Egypt air Cargo operates with four aircrafts: two Airbuses A300B4-203F and two Airbuses A300-600RF.

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In May 1981was established the first cargo terminal of Egypt Air, having 120.000 tons per year capacity and 50,000 square meters area. Recently, to the Cairo cargo terminal were added another 9,600 square meters of area, with the purpose of increasing the capacity and of improving the cargo's flowing. In September 1991, at Alexandria international Airport, the second cargo terminal was set, with the purpose of improving the Egypt's northern region.


This cargo terminal's capacity is of 20.000 tons per year. This terminal facilitates the surface transport from Cairo to Alexandria.


The third cargo terminal was built at ten minutes from Cairo, in an industrial zone, the terminal having 30.000 tons per year capacity. These huge terminals of Egypt Air Cargo represents the country's principal cargo agent, handling over 65% of Egypt's total cargo market.


More, Egypt Air Cargo being an airfreight carrier, owns fifty percents market share of Egypt's Cargo market.
Even from its beginning, Egypt Air Cargo was on the first place in the top of handling and transporting special and general cargo.



As the future plans, the Egyptian company intends to built another centre of cargo handling, at the Cairo airport; the centre will have 24,000m2 and the investment will be over 50 million $. A similar centre was already launched in Luxor.




In present, Egypt Air Cargo offers a direct access to and from the most significant trade centers from Middle East and Europe; also, the company developed numerous areal centers of activity in Germany on the Hahn Airport, in Belgium on the Ostend Airport, in the Gulf area on the Sharjah Airport, in United Kingdom on the Stansted Airport.


As for the Egypt part, Cairo is evaluated as an optimum activity center for the Egyptians imports and exports and trans-shipments too, and implicit a perfect place for the Egypt Air Cargo to have a hub here. And this due to the city's geographical location. In case that you need to contact the Egypt Air Cargo company, the address is: Egypt Air Administrative Complex, Cairo; the program for public is from 08:00 to 20:00, every day.

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Or you can give a call at: land line 090070000; mobile: 1717.



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