Egypt Actresses


Egypt Actresses


Egyptian Actresses

There are many important Egypt actresses; among them we mention Layla Fawzi, Miriam Fakr Adean, Berlanti Abdel Hamid, Shwikar,

Nadien, Shadia, Fatma Roushdi,

Zozo Shkeeb, Hind Rustom, Zozo Nabil, Najwa Salem, Amina Rizk.
Another Egypt actress is Suad Husni, who lived between January 26 1942 and June 21 2001.

Her English name is Soad Mohamed Hosny and she is also known as the Egyptian cinema` s Cinderella, having a big influence in the artistic area.


Faten Hamama is an important producer and actress of theatre, film and television.She is born on 27 May 1932 in Egypt. Nadia Lofty, also known as Nadia Lutfi is another famous actress of the latest phase of the ‘Golden Age’ of the Egyptian cinema. She is born in Cairo, in 1938, by the name of Paula Mohamed Mostafa Shafiq. Zeinat Sedki, also known as Zenat Sidke, Zenat Sedky and as Zeinat Sedkior, is born in Alexandria, in 1913. She was a comedian and actress and died in March 1978. Leila Mourad was an Egyptian actress and singer. Leila Mourad, also known as Laila Morad, Laila Mourad, Leyla Mourad or as Layla Mourad, was born in 1918, February 17, was an Egyptian actress who was married to the actor Anwar Wagdi and she died on November 21, 1995. Umm Kulthum was an Egyptian actress, songwriter and singer, born on May 4, 1904, in El Senbellawein.

Egypt Actress Fatma Roushdi

She is named Om Kalsoum in the Egyptian Arabic and Ummu Gulsum in Turkish. She is also known as Umm Kulthum Ebrahim Elbeltagi and was called ‘kawkab el-sharq’- ‘the star of the East’. Her name is also spelled Oum Kalsoum, Om Kalthoum and Umm Kolthoum. She died on February 3, 1975.

Another important Egypt actress is Mona Zaki, born on November 18, 1976 in Cairo, Egypt.


Her zodiacal sign is Scorpion and she graduated Mass Communications at the Cairo University.


In 1997 she made her first movie called El Katl El Laziz and in 2000 she won an award for the Omar movie.


In 2001 Mona Zaki won an award for the Ayam El Sadat movie; the award was given by the president. In 2002 another award came for her for the movie Mafia.


One year later she married to Ahmed Helmy, an actor and in 2003 she gave birth to Lily, their first child. In the same year she won a prize for the movie Sahar el Layaly.


Two years later she won another prize for the movie Dam El Ghazal. In 2006 she was selected to play in the Cinderella series as Soad Hosny. The filmography of Mona Zaki is rich, including the movies:



Al Hob El Awel, El Katl el Laziz, Africano, Leih Khaletny Ahebak, Edhak El Soora Tetla 3 Helwa, Omar 2000, Seidy Fel Gam3a El Americia, Mafia, Fares Zahr El Kheil, Men Nazrit Ein, Abo Ali, Avam El Sadat, Halim, Dam El Ghazal, Sahar el Lavaly, Taymour and Shafika, Khalty Faranca, 3an El 3esh2 Wel Hawa, Ahlam Omrena. And her career is still in evolution.



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