Egypt underwater life







The Egypt’s underwater life is a fabulous one; the Red Sea waters are the dwell of numerous species of corals and fish, even species that can not be found somewhere else in the world. All these marine creatures are advantaged by the warm and temperate weather. Those who will enter in the amazing underwater life will be totally fascinated by the multitude of the colors and species. A spectacle that will definitely enrich your life, offered by some beautiful fish such as the Picasso Triggerfish whose Picasso name is inspired by his patterns, shapes and colors. The Triggerfish name is inspired by his spine located under his belly, the spine that helps the fish to avoid his enemies. An interesting characteristic of this fish species is the ability of rotating the eyes independently. In the waters of the Red Sea you can see fish from the Butterfly Fish family, like the Banner Fish. Other fish that are part of the Egypt's underwater life is the Emperor Angelfish, the Blue Spotted Cornet Fish (which is an active and larger predator) or the stone-fish (also called the reef stone is world's most venomous fish. The reef bottoms are his dwell, being very easy confused with a rock). Crabs and some species of sharks are living here, too. Another incredible spectacle is offered by the large diversity of corals. The reef corals, the mangroves, the sea grass beds, the salt marshes and the salt pans are also parts of the Egyptian amazing underwater world. This full of beauty and mysteries world can be explored and admired not only on television, internet or pictures but also live, by those who practice diving or scuba diving. The Egyptian resort beaches have many centers where diving can be practiced or learned.



Egypt Underwater Life


Egypt Lion Fish


Lion Fish


Egypt Pink Coral Seafan


Pink Coral Seafan


Egypt Puffer Fish


Puffer Fish


Egypt Red Sea Diving


 Red Sea Diving


Egypt Regal Angelfish


Regal Angelfish


Egypt Scuba Diving


Scuba Diving


Egypt Sea Bubble Coral


Sea Bubble Coral


Egypt Sea Turtle


Sea Turtle


Egypt Sea Urchin


Sea Urchin


Egypt Shark


Egypt Shark


Egypt Sharm el Sheikh


Sharm el Sheikh


Egypt Snorkeling


Egypt Snorkeling


Egypt Star Fish

Star Fish


Egypt Surgeon Fish

Surgeon Fish


Egypt Underwater Life

Underwater Life







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