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The surgeon fish is a member of the Perciformes order, the Acanthuroidei suborder. The name of this fish comes from the blades that are on his body. These protrusions, like some scalpel sharp, are situated on different places, varying from one species to another. In case of the unicorn fish, for example, the blades appear as boney curves which are poisonous. And these curved blades are like a unicorn horn that gives the name of the fish. The surgeon fish is also called the tang and has a flat body that has an oval shape. One of the main characteristics of this brightly colored fish is his fascinating capability of totally changing his color according to his mood. When the surgeon fish is calm, his color remains constant, but if the fish feels the threat of a predator, he changes his color immediately. Another moment when the surgeon fish changes his color is the night. You may say that the fish puts his pajamas on. For some other species, such as the yellow tang, the location makes them to change their color. The surgeon fish moves constantly due to his pectoral fins and some of these fish can even use their pectoral fin to wipe their eyes and their body! This fish use the caudal, anal and flexible ends of his dorsal fin to steer. If you intend to have a surgeon fish into your aquarium, you have to know that it is not an indicated thing to keep this fish in a small tank together with other fish, not even with fish from the same species with him, because a small tank with other fish is considered by the surgeon fish a threat. You can feed the surgeon fish with mussels, algae and small shrimps.



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