Egypt snorkeling







Snorkeling is a sport that can be practice by the entire family, no matter the age. And where can this sport be practice better than in the Egypt snorkeling centers? You can choose a snorkeling trip on a boat with specialized guides that will introduce you and your family into the fascinating underwater universe. The spectacle of the coral reefs, dolphins, tropical fish, sea turtles, clear blue water, all of these and more, can be seen in a snorkeling trip, without having to lift your hand from the water. There are snorkeling packages that include unlimited snorkeling, the necessary equipment, a buffet lunch, and of course, the boat. One of the things that shouldn't miss in snorkeling is the mask, the most important part of the equipment; the mask has a snug and a watertight seal so it won't leak. Another important thing is the fins which have to be comfortable and to be your size. You can choose from the strap fins with boots or a full foot fins. The snorkeling vest is another element of the equipment that will offer you warmth, floatation and protection from the sunburn. You also need a mesh bag to put your equipment inside of it. A good thing it would be to take with you some sunscreen lotion; you have to use it many times a day. An efficient lotion has to be 30 SPF and also, waterproof. If you want to have good knowledge about the marine creatures you will see while diving, you can get a fish identification card that can be waterproof and you can take it with you in the water. And if you want to have some extraordinary memories from the snorkeling trip, you can get an underwater camera to catch your meeting with the underwater world.



Egypt Snorkeling


Egypt Lion Fish


Lion Fish


Egypt Pink Coral Seafan


Pink Coral Seafan


Egypt Puffer Fish


Puffer Fish


Egypt Red Sea Diving


 Red Sea Diving


Egypt Regal Angelfish


Regal Angelfish


Egypt Scuba Diving


Scuba Diving


Egypt Sea Bubble Coral


Sea Bubble Coral


Egypt Sea Turtle


Sea Turtle


Egypt Sea Urchin


Sea Urchin


Egypt Shark


Egypt Shark


Egypt Sharm el Sheikh


Sharm el Sheikh


Egypt Snorkeling


Egypt Snorkeling


Egypt Star Fish

Star Fish


Egypt Surgeon Fish

Surgeon Fish


Egypt Underwater Life

Underwater Life







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