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In the warm waters of the Egypt's Red Sea lives a some type of Egypt shark; this species of shark is not specific to Egypt only, but since he prefers the temperate and warm waters, he can be found in Egypt waters too. This shark is the silky shark that lives in depths of about 500 meters, being a pelagic shark. His scientific name is Carcharhinus falciformis, he has a large body with smooth skin; his size is about 2, 4 meters but he can reach even 3, 3 meters. The upper side of the silky shark body (the dorsally part) has a brown-grey color, and the below part has a white color. Although this shark has no specific markings, he can be recognized by his second dorsal fin, whose long free tip at the rear has about two or three times the height of the fin. Another characteristic is the dorsal fin which begins behind the pectoral fins. You can rarely see the silky shark close to the shore his favorite swell being the reefs where are deep dropoffs. As we talk about a shark, you may wonder about the silky shark's aggressiveness. This shark is not so aggressive like the oceanic white tip or like the blue shark, but he is still considered a dangerous shark because he may become aggressive if he is directly approached or if are some speared – fish around him. Still, the silky shark is not a dangerous animal for the people that dive. Being predators, the silky sharks` diet is made from pelagic crabs, paper nautiluses, pelagic bony fishes and squids. The silky shark is also known as the olive shark, the sickle silk shark, the black- spot shark, the ridgeback shark, the reef shark or as the sickle shark.



Egypt Shark


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