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The Sea urchins are interesting and attractive marine creatures that are members of the phylum Echinodermata family, together with the sea cucumbers, the crinoids, the starfish and the brittle stars. These small water creatures have spines that can be sharp and long and that help the sea urchins to protect from their predators. If somebody will have the bad luck of stepping on a sea urchin's spine he/she may be pricked by the spines which will cause a painful wound. The good news is that the sea urchins are not really venomous. Only the pedicellariae that are situated between the spines are venomous. Under the spines, the sea urchins have a shell that has a globular shape and is also known as the test. The adult test has a size of 3 to 10 centimeters. The symmetry of the sea urchins is a fivefold one, which is typical for the echinoderms and is called pentamerism. The sea urchins can move due to the hundreds of tube feet which are adhesive, transparent and tiny. This symmetry can be seen in the urchin's dried test. The sea urchin mouth is situated on the oral surface and is made from five jaws or calcium carbonate teeth. Inside is a fleshy structure, like a tongue. An Aristotle work gives the name of the sea urchins` chewing organ, known as the Aristotle's lantern. The sea urchins` color can be red, black, green, purple, olive or brown, and their diet is made in principal from algae but they also eat invertebrates such as crinoids, mussels, brittle stars and sponges. But, sea urchins are themselves the favorite food for the wolf eels and for the sea otters. If the sea urchins are left unchecked they create the urchin barren, destroying their own environment.



Egypt Sea Urchin


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