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The cute sea turtle is a member of the Chelonioidea family and one of the most ancient creatures of the planet Earth. The adult sea turtles can be seen in estuaries, coastal and shallow waters, lagoons and bays, the sea turtles preferring the temperate and warm waters. The open sea is a place preferred by some of the sea turtles. The juniors of some species can be seen in estuaries, bays and at sea. The difference between the sea turtles and the other species of turtles is that the sea turtles can't retract their head and their legs inside their shells. Their shells (or carapaces) is the sea turtles` stream-lined for their swim in the water. The magnetic field of the Earth is used by the sea turtles to navigate being very sensitive to it. The sea turtles` color varies from one species to another, the most frequent colors being black, greenish and yellow, and their life expectancy is about 80 years. The other thing that varies from one species of sea turtle to another is the diet. Some of the sea turtles are herbivorous, some of them are carnivorous and there are omnivorous sea turtles too. The ridleys and the loggerheads eat vegetation, mollusks, jellyfish, crabs and shrimps. The black and the green turtles are herbivorous but in an aquarium they are carnivorous. The leatherbacks eat soft-bodied animals like tunicates and jellyfish. The hawksbill diet is made from shrimps, sponges, squids and tunicates. The flat backs have in their diet sea cucumbers, cuttlefish and seaweeds. It seems that some of the sea turtles species change their preferences regarding the food during their life. For example, the green sea turtles are carnivorous at the beginning of their existence and then they become herbivorous.



Egypt Sea Turtle


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Egypt Sea Turtle


Sea Turtle


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