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The scientific name of the sea bubble coral is Plerogyra; this marine creature is a member of the Scleractinia order, the Zoantharia class, the Phylum Cnidaria kingdom. What gives the name of this coral is its protective shape. The vesicles that cover the skeleton give the bubble aspect of the coral and also protect it during the day and retract it during the night. The sea bubble coral is about 5 centimeters tall and has a diameter of less than 50 centimeters. This coral has a white and hard skeleton made from calcium carbonate and the septa, which are the skeleton's extension, are leafy and smooth. The skeleton of the sea bubble coral can be seen only when the polyps that cover the skeleton are deflated. The polyps that cover the coral's skeleton are large, yellow or white. Other corals that reach the sea bubbles coral can be harm by its sweeper tentacles. In the waters of the Egypt's Red Sea, the bubble coral can be met in the reefs, on a cave or vertical surface. The ones who want to keep a sea bubble coral in aquarium have to know that they must feed the coral once a week with meaty food like shrimps. It is necessary for the coral to have enough space for its swapper tentacles that may be long, and also, the lighting level and the water have to be both moderate. If the water's level is high, the coral will not be able to expand. For a healthy development of the coral skeleton it is necessary to maintain a right level of calcium as well as the addition in the water of some other trace elements such as strontium. A special attention must be paid to the coral`s polyps that are fragile.



Egypt Sea Bubble Coral


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