Egypt scuba diving







Egypt is a favorite place for those who love scuba diving, due to the beach resorts and scuba diving centers where this sport can be practiced. The scuba diving means to swim underwater using a SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus). The necessary equipment for practicing this sport includes fins, scuba masks, buoyancy devices and breathing regulators. The cylinder of air (or other gases) allows the person to stay inside the water even for days. Scuba diving is easy and fast to learn; in only 3 days, you can learn the basics. Scuba diving is the perfect way of meeting the fascinating underwater world, of seeing the tropical fish, the reefs, the caves, the wrecks, and a way to relax and have beautiful water experiences. Basically, anyone can practice this sport, from the children of 8 years old to their grandparents. The people who want to do scuba diving must have a good health, which means not to have any severe medical problems; when somebody will sign up for a scuba diving course, he/she will have to answer to a medical questionnaire. Other requirement is to know to swim, to tread and float the water. The persons with physical disabilities can practice scuba diving too; many instructors are ready to teach those persons to enjoy scuba. There are more than one types of scuba diving: commercial, technical, military, and of course, the most practiced one, the recreational scuba diving. The people who do commercial diving participate in salvage operations, build oil platforms, and have other occupations related to diving. The technical scuba allows you to swim to extreme depths, to do advanced caves and wrecks diving. The military scuba is about military research, mine clearing, military underwater missions. Recreational scuba is about having fun, seeing corals, fish and many more.



Egypt Scuba Diving


Egypt Lion Fish


Lion Fish


Egypt Pink Coral Seafan


Pink Coral Seafan


Egypt Puffer Fish


Puffer Fish


Egypt Red Sea Diving


 Red Sea Diving


Egypt Regal Angelfish


Regal Angelfish


Egypt Scuba Diving


Scuba Diving


Egypt Sea Bubble Coral


Sea Bubble Coral


Egypt Sea Turtle


Sea Turtle


Egypt Sea Urchin


Sea Urchin


Egypt Shark


Egypt Shark


Egypt Sharm el Sheikh


Sharm el Sheikh


Egypt Snorkeling


Egypt Snorkeling


Egypt Star Fish

Star Fish


Egypt Surgeon Fish

Surgeon Fish


Egypt Underwater Life

Underwater Life







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