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The Regal Angelfish is another spectacular creature of the Egypt waters. His scientific name is Pygoplites diacanthus and he is also known as the Regal Angel. The Regal Angelfish has his body covered with white and yellow bars that have dark borders; his chest is blue and his tail is yellow. The young Regal Angelfish has a blue eyespot on the body's rear and on the dorsal fin's rear. This fish is a medium-sized one, having up to 25 centimeters. The lagoons with rich coral growth and the coral reefs are the places with the Regal Angelfish lives. You can see him close to the ledges and to the caves, in depths from 1 meter to 48 meters. The Regal Angelfish's diet is made from tunicates, salps, sea squirts and sponges. Although he is a shy fish, he doesn't tolerate the abuses at all and is vacillating when it comes to the aquarium foods, the Regal Angelfish is a very popular angelfish for keeping him into an aquarium. It is recommended to keep this fish with a mated pair or even single and to feed him two or three times every day, with scallops, shrimps, marine fish flesh and squids, as well as special frozen preparations for the angelfish. Before puttying a Regal Angelfish into the aquarium you have to be sure that the fish was fully acclimated and you have to make sure that he has many places where he can hide from his tank colleagues, because the Regal Angelfish is shy, especially at the beginning. If the fish is threatened by his tank mates, he will never be able to adapt himself. It seems that the only place where the Regal Angelfish can adapt is a reef tank.



Egypt Regal Angelfish


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