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One of the most amazing and captivating things that you can do in Egypt, is the Red Sea diving. The Red Sea reefs are the best and the marine life diversity is astonishing. You can choose to dive from a live-aboard or to do day diving. You also can combine the diving with other activities while you spend your time in Egypt. The live-aboard can be a luxurious one or a basic one, the prices including the food, the hiring of the cylinder as well as two days and one night of diving. There is one condition that must be respected: you must to have completed fifteen or more dives before you dive from a live-aboard. If you want to make diving trip, there are live-boards that will take you from Sharm El Sheikh or from Hurghada to see the Straits of Gubal, the Sha'ab Abu Nuhas with its wrecks, the Ras Mohammed and the Thistlegorm. There also liveboards that can take you to see the beautiful Rafaga, the Salem Express, the Panorama Reef, Sha'ab Sheer and Abu Kafan. For those who want to see the remote reefs, the big fish such as the sharks, there are live-aboards that make trips from the Marsa Alam (Egypt) to Port Sudan (Sudan). Before you go diving you should know that the protection of the marine parks and of the reefs is extremely important and that's why visitors must pay an extra charge (about 5$), money being used for the reef's preservation. More, the littering, the fishing and feeding the fish are forbidden things in the diving sites. The most famous places for diving in Egypt are the resort beaches from Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh, Taba, Hurghada, such as: Abu Nugar, Carless Reef, Ras Mohammed, The Caves and many others.



Egypt Red Sea Diving


Egypt Lion Fish


Lion Fish


Egypt Pink Coral Seafan


Pink Coral Seafan


Egypt Puffer Fish


Puffer Fish


Egypt Red Sea Diving


 Red Sea Diving


Egypt Regal Angelfish


Regal Angelfish


Egypt Scuba Diving


Scuba Diving


Egypt Sea Bubble Coral


Sea Bubble Coral


Egypt Sea Turtle


Sea Turtle


Egypt Sea Urchin


Sea Urchin


Egypt Shark


Egypt Shark


Egypt Sharm el Sheikh


Sharm el Sheikh


Egypt Snorkeling


Egypt Snorkeling


Egypt Star Fish

Star Fish


Egypt Surgeon Fish

Surgeon Fish


Egypt Underwater Life

Underwater Life







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