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The puffer fish is a member of the Tetraodontidae family which represents a family of primarily estuarine and marine fish. From the puffer fish varieties some of the most known are the larger black-spotted puffer, the yellow-spotted burr fish and the small masked globefish. This fish is famous for his unique puffer ability. When he gets scarred the puffer fish puffs up to 2 or even 3 times his normal size. An interesting show to watch, but also a very dangerous move for the fish who becomes stressed. So, to make the fish to buffer is not a recommended thing to do. It is also recommended for the puffer fish keepers to transfer the fish in the water and not out of it, because if the fish puffers up with air, is not at all a good thing for him. Some fish that is called normally the puffer fish have in fact other names. For example, the yellow fish that has long spines sticking out when the fish inflates is called the porcupine fish. The small fish with his spines that are always stuck out is the burr fish. The spines are not an obligatory thing for the puffer fish: the figure eight puffer, the dog faced puffer and the stars and stripes puffer are fish without any spines. One main characteristic of the puffer fish is that he has tetrodotoxin in his body, being the world`s second most poisonous creature, after the Golden Poison Frog. The tetrodotoxin is a type of poison which if is ingested in an enough quantity may cause paralyses and, in the worst cases, even death may occur. Fortunately, the puffer fish is not a violent fish, attacking only when he is in self-defence, so the keepers have nothing to worry about.



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