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The pink Coral Sea fan is a member of the Plexauridae family, the Octocorallia class from the Gorgonacia order. Thousands of polyps (which are tiny and identical) make every pink Coral Sea fan in part. The polyps` tentacles have stinging cells that are much smaller than the sea anemones` polyps. With these tentacles the pink coral sea fan paralyses the prey that passes by him and put the prey into the mouth that is located in the every polyp centre. The diet is made from floating food (the zooplankton) which is captured from the water column. The capture of the food from the water column is specific to the tropical gorgonian coral species. The colonies of pink coral sea fan are oriented to the water's right angles, their biggest part of the surface area facing the current. This is a thing that is met at numerous other species of gorgonian. The colonies have rich branches which are covered with warty protuberances; from these protuberances emerge the small polyps. A holdfast fixes the colonies to the substrate and during the adult phase, they never move. The holdfast is similar to the one of the kelp plants. The pink Coral Sea fan colonies can reach even 100 centimeters and may have more than 50 years old. The growth of the pink coral sea fan is of 10 millimeters on year, depending of the level food, the environmental variables that exist between the sites (such as the currents, the water depths and the temperature) and the colony’s age. The color of the pink Coral Sea fan is, as his name says, pink but it also can be white to deep pink. The pink coral sea fan is heterotreophs; to respire, he uses oxygen mixed with the digestion of the zooplankton.



Egypt Pink Coral Seafan


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Egypt Pink Coral Seafan


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