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Through the Egypt marine creatures is one interesting but dangerous fish called the lion fish that belongs to the Scorpaenidae (Scorpion) family. The lion-fish, also known as the Dragon Fish or the Turkey Fish, has his pectoral fins enlarged and his dorsal fin spines elongated. This fish also has stripes like zebras that are specific for every lion-fish species in part. The size of the lion-fish may also vary from one species to another but in general this fish has about 30-35 centimeters. The smallest lion fish is comparable with a tennis ball. The lion-fish is very colorful, being orange, black, red, yellow, white, brown or maroon. Their separated and extremely long spines are very notable, but despite his attractive look, the lion-fish can be very dangerous because of his dorsal fins that are very venomous. These venomous fin spines cause strong pains to the persons that were pricked. Although the lethal cases are extremely rare, the person who bump into a lion-fish or stepped into him will feel an acute pain which can be followed by difficulties of breathing, convulsions, nausea, paralysis and even collapse. In some very rare circumstances, the lion-fish venom may cause death. The affected area will swell very fast and the limbs movement will become extremely hard. The injured area must be treated with attention since the venom may remain active for couple of days. If the wound is not treated, the gangrene may appear. The recovery may last several months but the best part is that the most of the persons survives. The lion- fish is also known for his amazing speed. To eat he use his fast reflexes to swallow the “victim” but before this, he uses his large fins to corner the prey. The fish can be seen in coral reefs.



Egypt Lion Fish


Egypt Lion Fish


Lion Fish


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