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A nature’s real beauty, the golden butterfly fish has about eight inches when he is matured. His scientific name is Chaetodon semilarvatus, his color is yellow and his interesting way of living in the water gives him the name of “butterfly”. He lets the appearance of flying because he jumps from the water in the air, a fact possible due to his wing like pectoral which is also large. The capability of the golden butterfly fish to jumping from the water helps him to feed himself, the flying insects being part of his diet. He also eats algae, dried foods and worms. The golden butterfly fish's larvae is called tholichthys larvae and look like some little insects. The eggs of this fish are developed free in the waters and doesn't need the parents` care. When the larvae grow few centimeters it transforms itself into an “almost adult”. From the larvae's armored head project plates toward his back. The golden butterfly fish has his back and his head flattened and the dorsal fin is situated on the body's rear. On the pelvic fins this fish has rays of an elongated shape that have the function of the tactile receptors. There are some species of golden butterfly fish where the young's color is different from the parents` color. The adult is bright yellow colored with a patch behind his eye. This patch has the dark blue-gray color. His body has on its sides orange stripes with spaces between the stripes, which make from the golden butterfly fish a very beautiful and interesting one. In Egypt, you can see this fish in the waters of the dive sites from the Red Sea's resort beaches. Diving, you can discover not only the beautiful golden butterfly fish but the entire fascinating marine universe.



Egypt Golden Butterfly Fish


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