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The eel is a fish from the Anguilliformes order and it has 600 species, 4 suborders, 110 genera and 19 families. The eel`s larva is called leptocephalus and is transparent and flat. The most of the eels lives in shallow waters or stays hidden in the eel pits (some holes) or on the ocean's bottom. The eels from the Anguillidae family live in fresh waters and the eels from the Synaphobranchidae family live in deep waters, at depths of 4,000 meters. The Moray eel is an eel from the Muraenidae family, a cosmopolitan and large fish. This fish uses to hide during the daytime, staying with its head out of its hiding place. Being a nocturnal predator, the Moray eel feeds itself during the night. This fish attacks people only when they are in self defense, being in general shy; they may bite your finger when you feed them, but this is because they don't see very well. Their bite may be dangerous because in their teeth exists a bacteria that may infect the bitten finger. In Egypt, there is a dive site called Eel Garden, situated in the Dahab's North. The main attraction of this place are the thousands gardens of eels. A big number of small Moray eels can be seen in this site's waters, as well as lyretail cods, sand gobies, baslets, bluespine unicorns, lionfish, damsels, groupers and parrots. Also, in the Egypt's waters the snake eels can be seen, especially the spotted snake eel. This fish has his body covered with cream and brown spots and can have a meter long. Another fish that lives in the Red Sea `s waters, is the gray moray - a very common species. The fish has a grey-cream color and black spots on his neck and head.



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