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Whenever you intend to experience diving cruises in Egypt, you can go to the travel agencies that organize such cruises. You can arrange a cruise at the Red Sea where are the most of the Egypt’s diving centers. The diving cruises are organized for a group of people, on special boats with private or shared compartments. You can choose a boat that corresponds to your budget: a small motor vessel for your family or a big ship with fax, air condition, internet, phone, a board disco, lunch and dinner. There are diving cruises that include a visit to Straits of Tiran, an amazing place where you can dive, see the myriad fish and the beautiful coral colonies. There are also rays, barracuda and sharks that come here due to food that can be found in this area’s waters. From here the cruise can continue to the Far Garden a dive centre with beautiful coral reefs. The Gordon Reef’s lagoon can be the next diving places of the cruise. A visit to The Jackson, Thomas and Woodhouse reefs can end the cruise. Egypt’s South is another perfect place for diving cruises. The cruise can start in Safaga, continue with Panorama, reefs where the hammerhead sharks that can be seen there. From there you can travel to Elphinston Reef which is a splendid reef and an amazing site. Next, you can swim with the dolphins at Ras Samadai and visit Abu-Dabbab reef. You have the opportunity to dive on the Salem Express wreck., a ferry that hit the reef and sank, having thousands of passenger on it. In island of Giftun and Ras Abu Soma are also places for diving. The Ulysses` wreck, from the Island of Gubal, and the Rosalie Mowler’s wreck is another thing you can see when diving.



Egypt Diving Cruises


Egypt Diving


Egypt Diving


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Egypt Diving Cruises


Diving Cruises


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