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Egypt and the Red Sea are a true treasure for those who are interested in diving and safaris. Marsa Alam is a resort situated in the Egypt's East, on the Red Sea West Coast. This resort is not a crowed place where you can enjoy in silence the beauty of the coral walls, the ship's wrecks and the underwater gardens. Marsa Alam combines the desert atmosphere with the diving pleasure. In the Marsa Alam vicinity are three splendid dive sites. Shaab Samadai is one of them, a place where the spinner dolphins come frequently. More, you can see beautiful and interesting reef fish such as the lionfish, the leopard groupers and masked butterfly fish. There are also three different areas for scuba diving whose depths vary from 5 meters to 25 meters. Elphinstone is another dive site with anthias and sea turtles; the reef is also visited by a variety of sharks, like the white-tip sharks (in the October – January period), the hammerheads and the grey reef sharks. The place is perfect for diving, for beginners and advanced too. In the plateau's South the depths has about 70 meters while in the North the depths are not so big. Fury Shoal is the third dive site in Marsa Alam that has a very colorful sea life with dolphins, different species of sharks, pelagic fish and gardens of corals. The site owns a sailing ship for those who want to explore the fantastic sea world. There is also a tugboat's wreck that attracts the visitors. From the water world you can go to the fascinating world of the Marsa Alam's desert by traveling on a camel or on trained horses or by car. Try the experience of taking dinner under the desert sky in a Bedouin open wigwam.



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