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Egypt diving is an amazing attraction for those who love to dive. Egypt has many diving centers on the Gulf of Aqaba and on the Red Sea’s resort beaches; the most famous places for diving (as well as for snorkeling) are in Dahab, Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada. There are also smaller places for diving where the people who want to avoid the agglomeration will feel wonderful enjoying the ocean. The Egyptian diving places are also visited by those who want to take some courses of diving and to obtain a diving certificate recognized on international scale, such as: CMAS, PADI or BSAC. You can practice diving by yourself or in a group, and if you are a beginner, you can make diving using a breathing mask. The diving instructors speak English and will be glad to offer you the needed courses and information. A fascinating world of coral gardens and walls, ship wrecks and many other attractions waits for you to discover them.In the Egypt`s South you can do diving at numerous centers such as Daedelus Reef, Beit Goha, Kilo 37 North, Sirena Beach Home Reef, Sheikh Maalek, Green Hole, Mangrove Bay, Safaga 1, Maklouf or Kilo 15 South. From Sharm El Sheikh to Hurghada are also many diving centers. You can choose from: Dunraven Wreck, Shaab Umm Qamar, Shaab Abu Ramada, Siyul Seghira, Giannis D, Umm Usk, Carnatic, Giftun Seghir, Chrisoula K, Thistlegorm, or Bluff Point. In Sinai’s North those interested in diving can go to: Lighthouse, The Bells, The Islands, Abu Hilal , Gabr El Bint, The Canyon, Nabeq, Gabr El Bint, End of the Road Reef or Eel Garden. Diving centers are in Sinai`s South such as: Thomas Reef, Jackson Reef, Abu Tinun, Shark Bay, Gordon Reef, Sinafar Island, Pinky's Wall, Ras Ghozlani or Anemone City.



Egypt Diving


Egypt Diving


Egypt Diving


Egypt Anemon Fish


Anemon Fish


Egypt Camel Dive Club


Camel Dive Club


Egypt Clown Fish


 Clown Fish


Egypt Coral Reef


Coral Reef


Egypt Corals




Egypt Crab




Egypt Crocodile Fish


Crocodile Fish


Egypt Dive Centers


Dive Centers


Egypt Dive Holidays


Dive Holidays


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Diving and Safaris


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Diving Cruises


Egypt Eel

Egypt Eel


Egypt Golden  Butterfly Fish

Golden  Butterfly Fish


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