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Corals represents marine organisms belonging to the class Anthozoa and existing as little sea anemones (such as polyps) in colonies made from identical individuals. The corals can be divided in those that have 8 tentacles called alcyonaria or octocorallia (in this category are included sea pens, sea fans and soft corals) and those that have more than 8 tentacles called zoantharia or hexacorallia (the zoanthids, the scleractinians – the reef-building corals and the sea anemones are included in this category). Thousands of polyps that are genetically identical form the coral`s “head”; each polyp has a diameter of few millimeters. The coral grows in shallow and clear waters and needs the sunlight; the corals grow at depths of 60 meters. The coral reef`s physical structure is sustained by corals. The zooxanthellae, which is a symbiotic unicellular algae, is the nutritional base for corals. One of the most beautiful corals is the red coral (or the precious coral) whose main characteristic is the skeleton's intensely red color. The skeleton is used in the jewelry fabrication. What give the red color of this coral are the carotenoid pigments. In Egypt, corals live in the warm waters of the beautiful beach resorts from the Red Sea`s shore. In Hurghada for example, in the El Fanadir site are lovely soft and hard corals. In Marsa Alam are dive sites like Elphinstone Reef where you can see walls decorated with red, bright pink, brown and white corals an amazing show of colors. At Shaab Marsa Alam are also gardens of corals and big coral blocks. Soft corals can be seen at Gota Sharm (Shaab Sharm) as well as at Rocky Island. In Erg Diab, the corals cover a tug boat's wreck. You can see the beautiful corals in the diving trips organized on these resorts.



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