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The coral reef offers a colorful show that attracts a lot of people. Considered as the world's biggest natural structure, the coral reef results from the connection of the polyps (the coral animals) with a microscopic algae that lives in the polyps` tissues. The polyp has stinging cells inside its tentacles that help it to feed itself. The polyp looks like little sea anemone and its stinging cells paralyzes the plankton that passes. The polyp can digest the plankton but only a part of the polyp needed nutritionals is supplied. The zooxanthellae provide the rest and convert the carbon dioxide and the sunlight, as well as their wastes into carbohydrates and oxygen. The polyp uses the carbohydrates to produce calcium carbonate by calcification. The skeleton of the actual coral reefs is formed by this material. It seems that thousands of organisms are being provided with shelter and food by the coral reefs. In Egypt, the coral reefs can be found in the Red Sea`s resorts as well as in the Sinai's South where are about 137 species. In Hurghada, you can see the coral reefs by taking a trip with a special boat on islands like Gifrtun. Hurghda has numerous beautiful coral reefs to which the people have access trough the trips that are especially organized to see the corals. Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh or Taba are also places with wonderful coral reefs. In order to protect the coral reefs of the Red Sea's Coast from the possible damages produced by the boats or the yachts of the people that dives, the Red Sea's governorate took some protection measures. 250 buoys were installed in diving places from Safaga, Hurghada and other resorts. The tourists are also advised by the coral reefs guards what to do to protect the corals.



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