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Clown fish is a fish of the Pomacentridae family, the Amphiprioninae subfamily. There are 28 recognize species of the clown fish, whose name is inspired by its energetic disposition and its funny colors. They have colors like orange, blackish, yellow or reddish with white patches or bars. The smallest species reach 10 centimeters and the largest can reach 18 centimeters. This cute fish is not at all peaceful with its neighbors, being aggressive when it comes to protect its territory. The clown fish live among the sea anemones having a relation of symbiosis. The clown fish and the anemones are very useful one to another. Although the anemones have tentacles full of poison that kill any fish that comes in contact with them, the clown fish has a mucous that makes it immune to the anemone's poison. The clown fish is the anemones` protector against the possible predators and also their cleaner. The anemones are the clown fish protectors against their predators who runaway from the anemones` tentacles. The diet of the clown fish is made from what remains after the anemones eat. The clown fish eats what remains uneaten by the anemones. The diet may also contain plankton and tentacles of anemones. Since the clown fish lives in the warm waters of the Red Sea, of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, of the Pacific Ocean or of the Indian Ocean, in Egypt you can see this fish in the waters of the Red Sea resorts, if you like diving. The clown fish is also the main character of the 2003 Disney animated movie Finding Nemo. From the clown fish species, the tank-bred fish is more resistant to diseases and less stressed if is put into aquarium.



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