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Like the clownfish, the anemone fish is a member of the Pomacentridae family, the Amphiprioninae subfamily. The species of anemone fish are the Orange-fin anemone fish, the Barrier Reef anemone fish, the Spine-cheek anemone fish, the Blue-lip anemone fish, the Red and Black anemone fish, the False-Clown anemone fish, the Pink anemone fish, the Clown anemone fish and the McCulloch's anemone fish. All these species have in common the fact that they live in a symbiosis with the sea anemones. While some anemone fish can co-exists with one or more sea anemones` species, having immunity to the poison from their tentacles but being affected by the other sea anemone's poison, the other anemone fish species can co-exists with other species of sea anemones. The anemone fish have a common way of living but they are of different body shapes, colors, as well as different independence degree towards their host. The Orange-fin anemone fish, for example, has a brown or black body which has two blue or white bars. His tail is white and his fin is yellow-orange. The Orange-fin anemone fish` s diet is made from algae and zooplankton and he can be seen among some anemones’ tentacles. The Clown anemone fish has an orange body with white bars; his fins have black markings. This fish eats the same things with the Orange-fin anemone fish and the tentacles of two anemone fish species are his home. The Spine-cheek anemone fish has a red-brown body with white bands and below his eyes is a long spine. His diet is not different from the one of the clown anemone fish and orange-fin anemone fish. He lives among the Entacmaea quadricolor tentacles. In the waters of the Egyptian resorts are beautiful anemone fish that you can see by diving.



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