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Egypt Cairo Zoo


Cairo Zoo

Opened in 1891 in Giza, Cairo Zoo is found on west part of the Nile very near the University of Cairo. 80 acres in size, the Cairo Zoo is crisscrossed and has pebbled roads, bodies of water, and exotic plants. Though it mainly specializes in African species of animals, the Cairo Zoo features animals from all over the globe.
The Cairo Zoo had once been the finest zoo in Africa situated in a sprawling park in the center of the largest city in the continent. But the years have not been kind to it, especially in 2004 when it had been kicked out of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) after it failed to pay its annual dues and after failing to pass the standard of the association’s inspections.

The inhumane slaughter by two Egyptian keepers of two gorillas suspected to have Ebola virus was the final straw. A substantial number of birds died of avian flu in 2006 and a couple of years later, 2 camels died at the hands of two men who broke in. The last inspection done by the WAZA charged the Cairo Zoo with the use of chains to restrain the elephants and cages to small by zoo standards to encase some of the animals.



Officials of the Cairo Zoo say in their defense that they have no room to expand as many high-rise buildings had been built around the institution. They also claim that they cannot get rid of the monuments inside the zoo as they are national treasures.


The zoo still stands today mainly because of several garden and relics found within. It is sad that zoo caretakers need to accept bribes from visitors to let them touch and have photo ops with some of the animals in order to augment their meager salaries. Since this is an illegal practice, they face the possibility of getting fired or transferred.


For a few bucks, you can even go in to pet the animals in their cages. This is of course not advisable, especially with lions and tigers, but the zoo keepers will let you, if you ask him nicely and give him enough to look the other way while you have your photos taken.The animals in the Cairo Zoo are housed in enclosures and are of relatively average size. It is sad to note though that the lions and bears are kept in small cages and are in a very sorry state of health. Unlike in other zoos, the caretakers at this establishment encourage visitors to feed the animals in exchange for a monetary tip.
The hippo enclosure are quite noteworthy and can be quite fun and it is possible to get very near to the elephants. The most exotic animal at the zoo is the haughty yet majestic Bactrian camel. There used to be a polar bear in the premises but not anymore.


The Cairo Zoo is a very popular place for kids and for the adults a peaceful and pleasant place to promenade.



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