Egypt Cairo Restaurants


Egypt Cairo Restaurants


Cairo Restaurants

Several of the best places to eat in Cairo, patronized by both locals as well as visitors, are located in the international hotels.


Food in Egypt is reasonably priced, so you will rarely need to pay more than US$35 for a three-course meal (without wine). Imported wine are a lot more expensive than the local version. Tax and tips in addition to the prices listed on the menu can raise the bill up by 20-25%.

Tucked out of the way in Giza, near the pyramids, is Andrea, a traditional Egyptian grill with a shady garden terrace, indoor dining room and cellar bar.

A famous lunch spot for Cairene families, making your mouth water from the moment you step out of the cab with the scent of chicken, quails and kofte sizzling over a charcoal grill and fresh baked bread from the clay oven.

Two large aquatic zoos greet you into this stylishly modern restaurant where a sushi bar goes well with delicious seafood, the recipes ranging from the traditional (lobster thermidor) to Pacific fusion (pan-seared salmon pagoda with foie gras and teriyaki sauce). Non-seafood and vegetarian options are also available. Homesick Americans may go for steaks, with a very western steak house menu from buffalo wings and Caesar salad to, of course, steak - in many preparations.
Located in the heart of the Khan al-Khalili market, there is an atmospheric indoor eatery that makes a great place to break for lunch after shopping in the 1,000 or so shops of Cairo's great bazaar.



They serve traditional Egyptian food (take your time and work through a variety of meze), the waiters are courteous, the cleanliness excellent (the restaurant is owned by Oberoi, who also owns the Mena House Hotel) and the restaurant is happily air-conditioned.




The coffee shop, which caters light meals and snacks, is named after Egypt's Nobel prize-winning novelist, whose setting for many of his works is in this area. The coffee shop continues to boast of its clientele of local artists and intellectuals.

Restaurants in Cairo

Priding itself as Cairo's only vegetarian restaurant (although you can get vegetarian dishes anywhere serving Egyptian or Middle Eastern cuisine), this British-owned Mediterranean-style restaurant has become a popular place to rendez-vous for visitors and hip Cairenes alike.Soups, salads and pastas are the basics of a regularly updating menu and there are a few fish and meat dishes added in to keep meat lovers happy. The ambience is dark and intimate at night, lit by candles, while the upstairs bar is also very popular. It is good to arrive early to admire the sunset from the cocktail lounge on the 40th floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, before going up one more floor to the Revolving Restaurant, with Cairo spread out at your feet like a tapestry of light.


Best suited for intimate dinners for two than large parties, as the tables are arranged round the central platform, the setting at the Revolving Restaurant is incomparable and an appetizing French haute cuisine menu more than lives up to its reputation.



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