Egypt Cairo Population


Egypt Cairo Population


Population of Cairo


The city of Cairo in Egypt had a population in 2003 approximating to 7.5 million. Known as Cairenes, the residents of Cairo are mostly Egyptian Arabs.


This district is an important home of the Islamic faith, and Cairenes are mostly Sunni Muslims; however, the area is also home to a considerable population of Coptic Christians. The denomination traces its origins to the early Christians who populated Cairo prior to the arrival of Islam. Because of emigration to Israel, the population of Jewish residents has decreased drastically in the latter half of the 20th century. Cairo had approximately 16 million residents in 1998.


Cairo's population rises daily as workers come in droves into the city from the surrounding area, congesting roads and rail lines every morning and evening.Many Cairenes are hail from villages along the Nile.


These rural migrants are equipped with few skills or resources, and double the existing problems of unemployment and inadequate housing, a problem which most developing cities around the world face each year.

The city of Cairo is one of the most thickly populated capital cities in the world. The population of Cairo is approximately 17 million. It ranks 16th in the world in terms of population density and in Africa it is the most populous metropolitan area. The majority of the residents in Cairo are Egyptians, with a smattering and less significant number of foreigners.


The various ethnic groups that make up Cairo’s population are Egyptians, Berbers, Bedouin, Hamitic Arabs and Nubians.



Although today the majority of the Egyptians are Sunni Muslims and the Christians in Cairo are mostly of Coptic origin, Christians dominated the population of Cairo before the arrival of Islam after the Muslim invasion.
Cairo Population

The density of the population of Cairo within the city is higher than that of the suburbs. The city’s population is rising up daily with the relocation of workers from the suburban areas. These workers are driven to the city in search of work and better living conditions.


The upward spiral in population of Cairo shows a vertical trend. A third of Cairo’s total population is under 15 years old and nearly three fifths is under 30 years old. This means the population of the city is relatively young, which us a good thing. 70 years old is the average life expectancy for both men and women. The population of Cairo’s literacy rate is around 52 %.

The Egyptian government is taking positive measures to control the bulging population within the capital city. Family planning and birth control methods are encouraged and advocated to its residents and the ideas are spreading fast. Education among women is the government’s highest priority as this is the most effective way of dealing with the population problem.


This makes the government’s method unique and is applauded and copied in other countries that face the same problem.



The government believes that population growth can best be addressed by education and advancement of women and instituting them with more political and economic responsibilities.



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