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Egypt Cairo Library


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Within the restored Zamalek villa is the Greater Cairo Library. This library is more than a hundred years old and it has in its collection a great number of books in a variety of languages: Arabic, French, English, and German. It also boasts a wonderful collection along the lines of the arts and sciences. Its collection of international periodicals is also quite impressive. The 1840s hand-drafted location maps of Cairo are part of its map collection.
The Greater Cairo Library is a baroque-style mansion overlooking the Nile. Declared an educational library, millions were spent updating and computerizing.

The façade is impressive, having been the home of the daughter of Sultan Hussein Kamel, ruler of Egypt from 1914 to 1917. In Giza is the Mubarak Library which was opened in 1995.

Containing a substantial collection of reading materials from books, magazines, CDs, periodicals, videos, audio cassettes, as well as circulating materials, the Mubarak Library offers story telling time as well as puppet shows for kids.
Considered one of the most important projects of the modern Egyptian cultural scene, the Mubarak Public Library was a collaboration of Egypt and Germany and involved 3 groups: the Integrated Care Society headed by the First Lady of Egypt, Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak, the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, and the Bertelsmann Foundation.


The Mubarak Public Library is rooted on the philosophy that the library is an organic thing that changes with the public, and is the basis for the cultural structure of the society.

Made up of 3 storeys, covering an area of 600 square meters, a verdant garden of over 2000 square meters surrounds it. The building is a distinctive villa of an unusual architectural type that has been rearranged to fit and fulfill the function of a library in terms of availability of appropriate hall areas, efficient ventilation and air-conditioning, quality of natural lighting sources, suitable furniture both in style and functionality, as well as the availability of a dining area, which serves soft drinks and fast food.




Heliopolis suburb has two libraries: the Heliopolis Public Library has a high-tech multimedia auditorium and offers programs for kids, and the El Mustaqbal Library offers only non-circulating materials (no borrowing).
The Heliopolis Library gives its services to people of all age groups. Services are categorized as adult library, child library, computer center, and cinema club.
The Cairo University houses a large main library, several smaller ones for various disciplines or majors, and over a hundred scientific research centers.




What’s more, the library has an authentic collection of minted coins, donated by Mr Datari. They consist of a collection of archaeological coins belonging to the Greek and Roman eras. These collections are as impressive as those at the British Museum. It is worthwhile mentioning that these gifts granted by great scholarship and distinguished figures are still in existence in the library drawn a lot of investment from the government. Of all the priceless and important collections of books possessed by the Central Library of the Cairo University is the one by Prince Ibrahim Helmi. This collection is very important for all researchers interested in the history of Egypt , Sudan, Nile Valley as well as the history of the East as a whole. This collection includes a number of rare resources in an elegant binding.
If you’re looking for materials in English, look in the British Council and the American Cultural Centre.



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