Egypt Cairo in New York


Egypt Cairo in New York


Cairo in New York

The town of Cairo embraces Acra, Cairo, South Cairo, Purling, Round Top, and Gayhead. Cairo, the largest hamlet, features a Main Street shopping district, the Town Hall and the library.

Located in the Northern foothills of the Catskill Mountains, the Town of Cairo is known for safe quiet streets, friendly neighbors, exquisite scenery, and convenient access to larger cities. Historic structures date back to the 1800's, and the Mohican Trail and the Schoharie Turnpike both travel through our area.

Cairo, formed from Catskill, Coxsackie and Freehold, or Durham, March 26, 1803, situated at the foot of the Catskills, the mountains forming the west boundary.


Patents had been issued for all of the lands of this town before the Revolution, but there is some doubt whether any of these had been lived on by actual settlers before James Barker, who settled in 1765.


With the end settlement to this district, mainly by those who were after hemlock bark for tanneries.


Curiously out of the destruction of so many trees for their bark, grew a new industry, which has left its name forever on one of the streams of the neighborhood shingle making.


(Shinglekill) The only sizable settlement in the town is the village of Cairo. Cairo has a history of drawing visitors going back to the 1800's.


A history filled with colorful tales and folklore; Rip Van Winkle, "Legs" Diamond, Jimmy Durante, Frank Sinatra and thousands of others have been a part of Cairo's history. As with many communities, name changes happen. We have been known as Cairo since 1809.




Tourism has been the town’s largest "industry" for the entire township since the 1800's. Cairo was one of the first towns in the area to develop ski slopes and trails.

Egypt Cairo City

Many of the visitors to this beautiful area have returned as seasonal or permanent residents.


Safe, quiet streets, friendly neighbors, beautiful scenery, easy access to larger cities and a great school district school hold a lot of appeal to families looking for a place to call home. Small churches dating back to the 1800's still remain active today. Cairo is the heartland of Greene County which was named after General Nathaniel Greene.

Gen. Greene was second in command of the American Revolution under George Washington, who became the First President of The U.S.A. Historic paths such as the Mohican Trail and the Schoharie Turnpike travel through our area.


The Cairo Railroad represented the incursion by the young Catskill Mountain Railroad into the freight business when the branch was chartered on April 10, 1884. The directors of the CMRR saw the Cairo extension as a means of tapping business in bluestone, hay and fruit.



While the line opened for business in June, 1885, sustaining business did not arrive until 1894 with the formation of the Catskill Shale Brick Company. The shale rock would come from sidings in Cairo and represent a major portion of the CMRR's freight revenue until the shale brick plant closed in 1914. Mounting financial losses, brought about by improved roads, forced the termination of service on the Cairo Railroad following the end of the 1918 tourist season.



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