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Egypt Cairo Football


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Egypt’s most popular sport is football and there are many teams based in Cairo that compete both nationally and regionally.

The most famous Egyptian football teams are Al-Ahly and El Zamalek and their yearly bouts are some of the best viewed tournaments in the Arab and African World. Known as the main rivals of Egyptian football, these two teams are the first and second champions in their area.
The Al-Ahly football club was formed in 1907 primarily as a club wherein student union leaders met at the time when the country was struggling against colonization. Its name in Arabic means “national”.

The 1940s saw the club dominate the Egyptian football scene and the 1980s saw it win the African Cup of Champions Clubs twice.


At the FIFA World Cup, the Al-Ahly has the distinction of being the team with the most appearances having qualified 3 out of 5 times. The Al Ahly is the most prestigious football team in Egypt. To date, it has won 34 times in the Egyptian League and 35 times in the Egyptian Cup. The Confederation of African Football bestowed upon it the prestigious title of African Club of the Century.

Established in 1911, the El Zamalek Club was previously known as the “Kasr al Neel”. It was later called “Al Moukhtalat”.


Then, it was called “Farouk AL Awal” in honor of King Farouk. After this, it was then called El Zamalek, its present name. Since its founding, the team has garnered 5 wins at the CAF Champions League and 11 domestic titles. The fierce rivalry between Al-Ahly and El Zamalek is legendary in Egyptian as well as African and Middle Eastern football.




The bouts between the two are called the Al-Ahly versus El Zamalek Derby. In the 131 bouts between the two teams, Al-Ahly has won 55 times while El Zamalek has won 33 times.

These teams usually have their games at the Naser Stadium, officially known as the Cairo International Stadium. It is the largest stadium in Africa and the Middle East and one of the world’s largest.

Cairo International Football Stadium

Built in 1960, the Cairo International Stadium houses the main football stadium wherein national Cairo football is always played, an indoor stadium, a number of smaller fields that hold regional, continental, and international games such as the African Games.

It also hosted the 2006 African Nations Cup wherein Egyptian athletes made headlines by winning a record number of five times in the history of African Continental Competition. Although Cairo lost the bid to host the 2008 Summer Olympics Game, it is slated to host the Pan-Arab Games for the next two years. Although Cairo has several other sports teams, the biggest clubs are still the Al-Ahly and El Zamalek for football.


They remain to be, to date, the biggest football teams in the country.



Previously, the headquarters of the Confederation of African Football was in Cairo but was later moved to a small city located in the outskirts of Cairo called the 6 October City. In October 2008, the International Rugby Board granted membership to the Egyptian Rugby Federation.



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