Egypt Cairo by Night


Egypt Cairo by Night


Cairo by Night

The Cairenes, as the locals of Cairo are known, enjoy themselves best at night when the city takes on a new life. After sun down, they like to go shopping and socializing at cafes and bars.


The party starts deep in the night when eating, drinking, and dancing to loud music take place. It can go on until the wee hours of the morning though most establishments wind down at around 3 to 4 a.m. Big night outs usually occur during Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Hard drinks are easy to come by, even in a predominantly Muslim country such as Egypt, though most Cairenes content themselves mainly with soft drinks and other non-alcoholic beverages.

Still, though some are more devout than others, it is best to be respectful of their religious beliefs if they should decline an offer to drink.

In the Midan Obari area is the Sharia Alfy, one of the many baladi bars that dot the metropolis. Often disguised as cafeterias, these bars normally serve alcohol. Though these establishments are perfectly safe, some rough-housing may occur and unescorted women are advised to steer clear of such places.
Western-style bars are normally found in large hotels and are very popular with locals and travelers alike. The Cairo Marriot Hotel has the Harry’s Pub which is always busy and features Ladies’ Night and Karaoke Night. The Grand Hyatt has the Revolving Restaurant on its 40th floor while the Ramses Hilton has its Windows on the World bar on its 36th floor.



Both places offer a stunning view of the city and are in constant competition over which one is the best in this respect.


The Nile Hilton, though on lower ground, has its own rooftop bar called the Pyramids Bar and Terraces which is also quite popular. The Mena House in Giza has the Sultan Bar housed in its magnificent palace hotel and offers a great view of the spectacular pyramids.




Night clubs in Cairo offer something other world famous cities don’t--belly dancers. Sit back and watch them dance as you eat and drink to your heart’s content. The most popular clubs offer this exotic entertainment but go only to the ones recommended by a friend who is a local.


For more western-style entertainment, head for the discos found in the city’s large hotels.

Cairo Nightlife

The Nile Hilton’s Jackie’s Joint is very popular with the upper echelon as it offers so many amenities such as private karaoke rooms, a dance floor, pool tables, and features an 80s and 90s night. Near the Sheraton el Gezirah is The Place which features both local and international live music.


Semiramis Intercontinental has the Rithmo, an expensive and trendy spot usually patronized by young women and old men. For live jazz and pop music, visit the Windows on the World of the Ramses Hotel. This establishment also offers great cocktails, delicious food, and a splendid view of the city.


For non-hotel based entertainment, go to the Cairo Jazz Club which offers live jazz and blues music hosted by a DJ.



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