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Open only during the day, the great pyramid of Cheops offers a sound and light show at night. Although going up the exterior is hazardous and against the law, the interior is open to the public and for exploration. Approximately 10 feet high, the entrance is quite impressive.


Be ready for a tiring, uphill climb. When you reach the top, you'll be able to access the burial chamber of Khufu, the pyramid’s owner. You are not allowed to take pictures inside.

Situated near the Great Pyramid is the mysterious Sphinx. It is just a relaxed walk on a paved adjacent road. Admission is separate but photography is allowed.

The Solar Boat is another attraction open only during daytime and is the third most important thing to see on the Giza lot. It contains a well preserved boat belonging to Khufu himself that you can inspect directly since it is out in the open. You will be issued protective slippers that fit over your shoes due to possible contamination from visitors to the museum.
Located in the capitals downtown area is the Pharaonic Village. It features a yacht cruise through many ancient Egyptian locations. Aboard the Nefertari you can witness how the pharaohs once lived with each scene re-enacted by actors.
The cruise terminates with several gift shops and restaurants. There's also the Cleopatra Studio where visitors can have their photo taken wearing ancient egyptian costumes. The tour may take up to 3 hours.


Cairo’s Opera House, also found downtown offers symphonies, ballet, and opera from touring international artists. You would do well to book your tickets ahead online.

A must-see is the Egyptian Museum. This spectacular and awesome museum is available on every tour, but you may want to go back to explore it further on your own. General admission covers all exhibits, with the exception of the Mummy Room, found on the second floor. Therein rests some of Egypt's greatest rulers.




For those with kids, Dreamland is an open-air theme park situated near the pyramids in the 6th of October district. Rides for all ages are available: roller coasters, bumper boats and much more. Places to eat vary from sit-down restaurants to walk-up windows and their several gift shops.

Cairo Attractions

For those who love to golf every chance they get, there are plenty of opportunities for doing so here. But Cairo is the only place where can you golf at the foot of the pyramids. Wonderful views are offered at 2 courses in Giza, one at the Mena House and the other at Dreamland.

Open air market of Khan el Khalil has been existence since the 14th century and is still very popular today. It is made up of independant merchants that sell everything from fine ornaments to fava beans; haggling here is a must. This is a great way to spend the day sampling the Islamic section of Old Cairo where the air is redolent with spices and oriental ambience.


The Egyptian Pancake House is a great place to have lunch. Their pancakes are heavily sweetened so make sure you ask that yours have less sugar if you don’t have a sweet tooth.



Just look for the red neon sign that says “Egyptian Pancakes” inside the Khan.



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