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Cairo Airport

The history of the Cairo International Airport started in 1940s during the Second World War when the American Bayn Field air-force base was put up just 5 km from Almaza Airport to facilitate Alliance.


The base was abandoned when the war ended.
The Civil Aviation Authority took over the base in 1945 and transferred it to the International Civil Aviation which named the airport the King Farouk 1st Airport.

Almaza Airport, on the other hand, was primarily for domestic flights.

At the time, air traffic was 200,000/year and this translated to 200 passengers per hour.

The Plans were drawn in 1955 to build a new airport and construction started in 1957.


The Cairo International Airport, east of Cairo, was inaugurated in March 1963. It replaced the older Heliopolis Airport. The new airport had an arrival and departure hall, a transit hall and two runways with an ability to accommodate five million passengers a year. Another hall was added in the 70s and 80s.


To date, the Cairo Airport Company (CAC) has prioritized environmental accountability and awareness and administrative efforts, and these are an integral part of its new strategic concept.



The Cairo Airport’s environmental aims adhere to both Local, International Environmental legislation, and the Civil Aviation Guidelines, keeping an eye on and ensuring the best interest of both the Civil Aviation Industry in Egypt and the surrounding environment with all its different branches.




In the course of its current expansion plans for the terminal, and the goal of becoming a civilian as well as a cargo nest in the Middle East and the African continent area, the CAC have developed an Environmental Impact Assessment Study (EIA) with the assistance of experienced project mangers, experts and consultants.


The study is cooperating with the World Bank for Investment & Development's Regulations and the ICAO and has recently taken a daring step toward addressing and implementing the study consciously adhering to lawful measures and environmental management plans suggested.

Cairo International Airport

In keeping with the expansion movement that has already taken place, CAC has performed several economic and feasibility studies to support its final decision that the expansion of the current location is the best alternative, and the building of the New Terminal Building III, has been proven to be environmentally and economically the best solution for the expansion needed by CAC.

The Cairo Airport offers a wide array of facilities to make entry into and departure from Egypt as pleasant as possible.


Information and assistance for hotel accommodations, transportation, and tours are easily accessible with the airport.

Amenities such as ATM, parking facilities, internet cafes and lounges, medical services, and duty free shops make a stay at the airport a pleasant experience.



It also offers services and assistance for disabled passengers such as wheel chairs, toilets for the disabled, special parking spaces, and special passport and control services. Those concerned should inform their airliner before arrival.

A shuttle bus services is available for those who wish to go to Heliopolis, Nasr-City, Downtown Cairo, Giza, Mohandesin, Zamalek, Maadi, and Haram (where the pyramids are).



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