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In the ancient Egypt fruits like grapes and figs were very popular; pomegranate, apple and olive trees were brought in Egypt in the Hyksos reign; cherries, pears, almonds and peaches were brought in the Roman times, the mulberry came in the country from Persia or Armenia in the New Kingdom period, and coconuts represented a fruit accessible only to the rich people. The mimusops, the dellaches, and the shrublike jujube were also grown, as well as balanites – a fruit with leaves full of juice. Because of the climate that wasn’t propitious for olives, the olive oil was imported. The actual Egypt has a fertile land, great climate and complex irrigation system, being a favorable country for cultivating all types of fruits, as well as some of less known fruits like pomegranate, that can be found in shops from the summer to the autumn and having a white-yellow or dark-red color. Other Egypt fruits are the figs, the loquats (commercialized in the spring’s first two months), the barbary figs and the kaki, fruits that have healing proprieties. In Egypt, you can find numerous and various fruits, every season: different kinds of oranges (including pink oranges), bananas (or “the Paradise fruits”), and dates in the winter; peaches, melons (including water-melon), grapes and plums in the summer and in the autumn. The dates are very widespread and have almost 30 types, as well as the gripes, both white and black, and the figs. Also, apricots, limes, citrons, lemons, olives, lotus fruits, prickly pears, mulberries and sycamore-figs, can be found in all Egypt markets and shops, always fresh and at attractive prizes. So, the tourists can be sure that the fruits will definitely not be missing from their visits in beautiful Egypt.



Egypt Fruits


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Egypt Fruits

Egypt Fruits






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