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Egypt, citadel of Salahideen was built by Saladin (Ayyubid ruler Salah al-Din) for military purposes, and its construction lasted from 1176 to 1183. The walls and the towers construction was inspired from the crusades battles. The citadel was the place from where Egypt’s different governments administered the country for six centuries. The citadel of Salahideen suffered many changes: al-Nasir Muhammad destroyed some walls to build a mosque and some palaces for his own purposes, Muhammad 'Ali rebuilt everything that was made by his predecessor. Besides, the actual look of the citadel is Muhammad 'Ali’s projection. In 1828 Muhammad 'Ali started the construction of a mosque in the memory of his first son, Tusun Pasha, that passed away in 1816. The mosque was finished in 1848 and it is really impressive due to its architecture and height. Egypt citadel is located in the Cairo’s center vicinity (Muqattam Hill), which once was well known for offering a city’s wonderful view. The citadel has other two mosques: the Suleyman Pasha’s mosque and the al-Nasir Muhammad’s mosque. That one is a real work of art, having ornate minarets, stylish proportions and wonderful masonry. The courtyard is surrounded by supporting columns taken even from antique structures of Egypt. Although from the initial fortress nothing remained, excepting the Bir Yusuf-the Citadel’s fountain, and some walls, the Cairo’s Saladin Citadel is a very important attraction for the Egypt tourists. The Police Museum, the National Military Museum and the Al-Gawhara palace are included in the citadel. The main attraction of the Military Museum is the Summer Room that has a complex system of basins, channels and fountains from marble projected as a system of cooling. Egypt’s citadel of Salahideen keeps the atmosphere of the ancient times, attracting thousands of visitors every year.



Egypt Citadel of Salahideen


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Egypt Citadel of Salahideen

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