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The capital city Cairo amazes the world with its blend of old and new, the blend of the ancient, medieval and modern times, of Cairo people dressed in traditional clothes and people dressed in business costumes. The historical buildings are hidden by the crowed areas. The cultural shock is part of the capital city’s experience, and that might be exhausting sometimes. But as the legend says: “If you haven’t seen Cairo, you haven’t seen the world at all”. The most significant part of the city is situated on the Eastern part of the Nile. The old Cairo is situated at south of the city’s centre and the Islamic Cairo occupies a significant part in the Est. The capital city has grew as the population number and as geographical area, extending its suburbs from the city borders, especially in the Eastern desert. In the North-east from the downtown, next to the airport are the districts of Heliopolis, Maadi, Sheraton and Zamalk that hold a lot of city’s wealth (including the residential palace), while the to the West, the suburbs of middle class from Giza has extended till the pyramids. The exotic horizon, the roads and the gracious minarets give a magic gauze to the city`s reality. The most of the visitors are attracted by the Giza Pyramids, the Tutankhamun tomb`s treasures and many other wonders from the Egyptian Museum, or to do shopping in the Cairo`s bazaars. There are also many mosques, museums, Christians churches and windings streets that wait to be explored. In Zamalik ward are many shops with jewelry, antiquities, houses ornamentations and souvenirs. Cairo Tower is another centre of interest that offers an amazing panorama of the city. This capital city is really something that you don’t want to miss!



Egypt Capital City


Egypt Cairo




Egypt Africa


Egypt Africa


Egypt Al Azhar Park


 Al Azhar Park


Egypt Al Fustat


 Al Fustat


Egypt Al Qahirah


Al Qahirah


Egypt Architecture




Egypt Bab Zuweila


Bab Zuweila


Egypt Cairo Attractions


Cairo Attractions


Egypt Cairo Opera House


Opera House


Egypt Cairo People


Cairo People


Egypt Cairo Picture


Cairo Picture


Egypt Cairo Shops




Egypt Capital City

Capital City


Egypt Citadel of Salahideen

Citadel of Salahideen


Egypt Fruits

Egypt Fruits






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