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When it comes to shops, Egypt’s capital offers numerous and various possibilities. Traditional objects, art, modern stuff, anything you want you can find in Cairo. The Nomad shop, situated on 14 Saray al-Gezira, sells Yemeni jewelry from silver, women clothing such as traditional Bedouin costumes, and a lot of art objects. The Art Zone Gallery- placed in Cairo World Trade Center is the perfect place to visit if you are interested in home accessories, furniture, all types of frames for photos, paintings with frames in Rococo style, crystals, consoles, painted glass, and so much more. If you are looking for English books about the Arab culture, politics and history don’t miss the Anglo-Egyptian Bookshop. You also can find technical books, science books, dictionaries. The shop’s personnel will help you to find what you are looking for. At Gold Bazaar, placed in Cairo downtown, you can buy gold jewelry (including jewelry in pharaonic style) and you can personalize a cartouche with hieroglyphics of your name. Spoil yourself with the delicious products of Poire (La), a coffee shop with a sitting area where you can watch TV enjoying croissants, sweets, éclairs, baklava or a sandwich, with some tea or coffee. The place also offers delicious pastry with custard and fruits. From Khan al-Khalilii is impossible to go without something that remembers of Egypt. Anything can be found in this principal market, from essential oils and perfumes to spices and herbs, from silks and traditional gellibayas to jewelry and leather. And if you are missing the usual mall, downtown Cairo is the Ramses Hilton Mall, for family belonging to the middle-class, where all the things that can be found in a mall, including the MC Donald fats-food and a place to play snooker and billiards.



Egypt Cairo Shops


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Egypt Cairo Shops




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