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Those who were in Egypt’s capital know that to take only one Cairo picture can never be enough! This amazing city has so many wonderful places, so many symbols of the ancient Egypt’s civilization, that you have to stay there for a long time to visit it, or to come back as many times as possible. The modern Cairo welcomes you with five museums, parks and public gardens, an international conferences centre, a complex multicultural center, the Gezirah tower – having a height of more than 180 meters and housing a cafeteria and a restaurant that it`s rotating. More, the tower offers a splendid Cairo picture for its visitors. The Pharaonic Village is another touristic objective that gives the visitors the possibility to see scenes from the usual life of the old Egyptians as well as a museum of papyruses. The shopping centers are not missing from Cairo picture, nightclubs where you can see international shows, folklore and oriental dances. You can go and try your chances at casinos or watch Arabs and international movies as well as theatre plays. Regarding the Cairo’s food, you should know that the people of that city don’t eat pork because they are in majority Muslims and their religion forbids pork. And they use only the right hand when they eat; according to them, the left hand is not clean and may pollute the dishes. In Cairo the tourists can eat Egyptian food, or go to the well-known fast-foods, restaurants, including the ones with Korean, Chinese, or other specifics. The tourists don’t have to worry about their accommodation in Cairo since there are numerous hotels, at all kinds of prices ready to welcome everybody. It is hard to reproduce in words what Cairo mean. You must feel it in on your own!



Egypt Cairo Pictures


Egypt Cairo




Egypt Africa


Egypt Africa


Egypt Al Azhar Park


 Al Azhar Park


Egypt Al Fustat


 Al Fustat


Egypt Al Qahirah


Al Qahirah


Egypt Architecture




Egypt Bab Zuweila


Bab Zuweila


Egypt Cairo Attractions


Cairo Attractions


Egypt Cairo Opera House


Opera House


Egypt Cairo People


Cairo People


Egypt Cairo Picture


Cairo Picture


Egypt Cairo Shops




Egypt Capital City

Capital City


Egypt Citadel of Salahideen

Citadel of Salahideen


Egypt Fruits

Egypt Fruits






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