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In Cairo live a quarter of Egypt’s population. The dominant religion in Cairo is Islam but there are also Christians from the Coptic Church, in a much smaller proportion. Arabic is the native language. In Egypt’s capital live various nations, such as: Hamitic Arabs, Berbers, Nubians, Bedouin, Sudanese (around 400,000). Also, in Cairo are over 19,000 African Muslim that came here from different countries to study at the Al-Azhar University. The Islamic religious influence can be seen in Cairenes everyday life: there are 5 daily prayers that Muslims do, women wear clothes that cover their entire body, as an Islam religion request and there are places (like coffeehouses) where women don't go. The men's clothes are the long robes with a turban or a hat and the children wears uniforms when are in school. According to the same religion, the punishments for stealing are very severe and so stealing is an extremely rare thing. If you visit Cairo you can see girls playing hopscotch and the boys playing soccer or seegha. Cairo people work in factories or for government and the craftsmen sell their merchandise on streets. The cultural diversity exists among the Cairo’s people; it is a normal thing since this city was the antique civilization base. That’s why popular beliefs brought by conquerors can meet together with traditions from the pharaoh times. If you intend to go to the Egypt’s capital you can be sure that the Cairo people are very warm and hospitable to all tourists and ready to help you anytime you need it. Proud of inheriting such an old and rich civilization and culture, the Cairo people love the entertainment, to have fun, and are open-minded.



Egypt Cairo People


Egypt Cairo




Egypt Africa


Egypt Africa


Egypt Al Azhar Park


 Al Azhar Park


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 Al Fustat


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Cairo Attractions


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Egypt Cairo People


Cairo People


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Cairo Picture


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Egypt Capital City

Capital City


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Citadel of Salahideen


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Egypt Fruits






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