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Inaugurated at the Egyptian National Cultural Center in 1988, October 10th, by Hosni Mubarak, the Cairo Opera House came to complete the empty place let by Egypt capital`s first Opera House that burned in 1971. Cairo Opera House is placed on the Gezira Island and the Nile Gallery, the Museum of Egyptian Modern Arts, the El Hangar Theatre and the Plastic Artists' Association are around it. The money for National Cultural Center of Egypt was a gift from Japan, due to the old friendship that ties the two countries. So, the Japan International Co-operation Agency helped the Egypt to arise this place of Egyptian cultural diversity and richness. The Cairo Opera House construction started in 1985 and ended 3 years later, being an Islamic architecture masterpiece. Its design incorporates Pharaonic and Islamic motifs and it is considered a postmodernist work of art. Having a very complex audio and visual system and the best technical facilities from Africa not only, Cairo Opera House has a principal hall with a capacity of 1200 seats, a place with 500 seats as well as a theatre with 600 seats. More, a vast historic papers collection regarding the burned opera house can be seen at the Opera Museum. Cairo Opera House promotes the National Cultural Center affiliated companies, such as: the Cairo Opera Children's Choir, Cairo’s Ballet Company, Cairo Symphony Orchestra, the Arabic Music Ensemble, and the Cairo’s Opera Company. Ballet, opera and international music are performed here all the time and although the tickets costs more than in another operas. If you intend to be part of the Cairo Opera House representations, you should make a schedule before since a lot of people want to do the same thing with you.



Egypt Cairo Opera House


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Egypt Cairo Opera House


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