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The capital of Egypt has numerous attractions; here are only a few of them: The Antiquities Museum: If you want to see the mummies of Egypt important pharaohs or the Tutankhamun gallery that exposes things from Tutankhamun`s tomb including the famous gold mask, then you should pay a visit to the Egyptian Antiquities Museum. The museum has 107 rooms and more than 100,000 exposed objects, such as the Khafre`s statue, adornments from the ancient tombs of royal personalities and other ancient treasures. The Khan el-Khalili Bazaar: Close to the El Azhar Mosque, the bazaar is the perfect place to find Egypt’s traditional products, including brassware, lanterns, water pipes, etc. The agitated alleys labyrinth gives an extraordinary atmosphere to this place. The craftsmen will always negotiate the prizes and only few of them will accept credit cards. Another Cairo attraction is the Pyramids of Giza: They are the world’s oldest attraction. The legend says that the pyramids are the result of the antique civilization work, and that they represents tombs for Egyptian nobles and kings, but there is still a lot of mystery regarding the pyramids purpose, origin and the way they were made. The Great Pyramid is the world’s highest structure made by man. In front of it is the Sphinx, also known as Father of Terror, which is believed to be even older than Pyramids. The Old Cairo: The city has five original churches remained from the Coptic community of Christians as well as the Egypt’s first mosque and Egypt’s oldest synagogue, the old Cairo is a perfect place to meditate in peace, away from the city’s agitation. The synagogue is a meeting point of the modern world principal religions. Also, the Saint Sergius church and the Hanging Church (Al-Muallaqa) are very interesting to visit.



Egypt Cairo Attractions


Egypt Cairo




Egypt Africa


Egypt Africa


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 Al Azhar Park


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Egypt Cairo Attractions


Cairo Attractions


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Cairo People


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