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Al-Qāhirah, (in Arabic translation, meaning the Triumphant or the Vanquisher) or the city of a thousand minarets is the capital of the beautiful Egypt. The city constituted in 969 AD owns now approximately 17.285 million citizens, being on the 16th place of the world most populated capitals. Fustat was the administrative and economical capital of Egypt till 1168/1169 when, trying to fight against the Crusaders, the city is ruined. Since that year Cairo is Egypt`s capital. Today, the wonderful Cairo is a multi educational city with fifteen universities with different specific, such as Cairo University, the Russian University, The Canadian International College, and The German University. The medical services are assured by almost forty eight hospitals including: Maadi (the largest hospital in Cairo), Qasr El Ainy General Hospital.With a rail, subway and maritime system, modern roads, an airport and many taxi companies, you can not complain about transportation in Cairo. The capital of the civilizations blend has numerous cultural attractions such as Al-Azhar Park, Khedivial Opera House, Cairo`s Opera House. An important cultural event is the International Movie Festival. As Egypt is the country with enormous touristic attractions, Cairo offers various places to visit too: Cairo Tower - a TV tower having 187 m, Khan El-Khalili – an old part of Cairo with many shops, remembering of the old markets and bazaars, The Museum of Egypt - housing the largest collection of old antiquities. The old region of Cairo - with the Hanging Church, Coptic Museum, The Fortress of Babylon and many more. Words are never enough to describe the splendor, mystery and charm of Cairo, so, convince yourself by visiting the city where you don`t know what to visit first! It is a life-time experience!



Egypt Cairo Al Qahirah


Egypt Cairo




Egypt Africa


Egypt Africa


Egypt Al Azhar Park


 Al Azhar Park


Egypt Al Fustat


 Al Fustat


Egypt Al Qahirah


Al Qahirah


Egypt Architecture




Egypt Bab Zuweila


Bab Zuweila


Egypt Cairo Attractions


Cairo Attractions


Egypt Cairo Opera House


Opera House


Egypt Cairo People


Cairo People


Egypt Cairo Picture


Cairo Picture


Egypt Cairo Shops




Egypt Capital City

Capital City


Egypt Citadel of Salahideen

Citadel of Salahideen


Egypt Fruits

Egypt Fruits






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