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Still existing in our days, Bab Zuweila represents one of the Egypt capital’s medieval gates which construction lasted from 1087 to 1092. The second wall that surrounds the beautiful capital of Egypt was arisen in 1092 by Badr al-Jamali when Bab Zuweila became the southern gate of this wall. In the Ottoman administration the gate was called Bawabbat al-Mitwali. The gate’s name is inspired from Zuwayla – one of Berber’s troop of fighters that were set to guard the gate, and Bab (“the gate”). Starting with the 15th century, the Bab Zuweila’s neighbor was the sultan’s Mu'ayyad Shaykh mosque with its two minarets added between 1415 and 1420 were integrated in the gate. In the ancient times the minarets were used to search the surroundings for detecting the enemy armies. Nowadays they offer a great view of the beautiful ancient Cairo, being accessible for tourists through an arduous climb. The Bab Zuweila and the two minarets appear in numerous Oriental paintings of the 19th century. Also, till the 20th century, outside the gate were made the public executions. Bab Zuweila is one of Cairo’s and implicit Egypt’s important landmark as well as a live model of walled architecture existing before the crusades times. Although over the years Bab Zuweila evolved into an important place for celebrations, commerce, justice, religious processions, because of the pollution, traffic and moisture, the gate’s initial structure was affected. That’s why the gate and the mosque were recently restored. If you decided to visit the wonderful Egypt, include the Bab Zuweila, one of the Cairo’s oldest monuments, on your touristic objectives list, to feel the atmosphere of the old Egypt.



Egypt Bab Zuweila


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Egypt Bab Zuweila


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