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The architecture of Egypt is unquestionable a work of art as well as a mystery. Temples, pyramids, stone palaces and tombs, were built from durable materials, by skilled architects and craftsmen, with an impressive workforce. An important part of the Egypt’s architecture resisted till today, as a proof of this civilization’s greatness. Architecture of old Egypt is mainly composed from impressive structures and religious monuments with thick walls. Frescoes with pictures and hieroglyphs cover the piers, the walls and the columns. The ornamentation’s motifs are mostly symbols such as: the vulture, the solar disk, the papyrus plant, the leaves of palm, lotus flowers, papyrus, battles scenes and many hieroglyphs. Stories about gods and pharaohs, about usual people, plants, animals and birds are illustrated in the Egyptian art. More, the hieroglyphs, paintings, cubic statues and images of stone decorate the Egyptian constructions. Egypt’s principal attraction and a real wonder of architecture - the pyramids, have four sides of triangular form, contrasting to the South American pyramids that have a flat top. The pyramids are made from enormous stone blocks and how the constructers move the blocks and with what tools, remains an intriguing mystery. The most used materials in the old Egypt architecture were stone (for temples and tombs) and bricks from mud (for fortresses, palaces, temples walls). A large quantity of granite and sandstone were also utilized. From the old structures of mud, the Buhen fortress, the Deir al-Madinah village, Mirgissa and Kahun`s Middle Kingdom were preserved due to the Egypt’s dry climate. Also, numerous tombs and temples resisted because they were built from stone and on regions untouched by the floods of the Nile. Egypt’s architecture splendor and mysterious atmosphere can not be described in words and attracts thousands of tourists every year.



Egypt Architecture


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Egypt Architecture




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