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The official name of actual Egypt’s capital is Al-Qahirah but numerous people of Egypt use the name "Masr". This is inspired from the Misr al-Fustat (City of the Tents) which was the country’s first capital. The beautiful modern Al-Qahirah is one of the most visited cities of the world. The transportation is assured by a rail system, maritime services, a complex road network and a subway system. More, Al-Qahirah has an international airport and numerous cab companies. An interesting detail about transportation in Cairo is that the first two trucks of the subway trains are reserved for woman. The tourist attractions are so numerous and so various that it takes a great time to enjoy all of it. The Cairo’s visitors are simply charmed by this city, its atmosphere, its buildings covered with a thin layer of yellow sand from the surrounding desert, the city’s agitated life that lets no space for monotony, the Egyptians hospitality and willing to show you their city, the bazaars that reminds of the old Egypt, the incredible view of the city in the night. Cairo is also called “The city of the 1000 minarets” or “The city of the 1001 shoes stores”. The Pharaoh’s Cairo is the most visited due to the Pyramids, the most famous constructions in the world. Many movies and books have as their main subject the pyramids, and although there are numerous technical explanations about the way the pyramids were made, around them still exists an enormous mystery, which give them even more charm. Why and when the lion with human head and royal beard (the Sphinx) was built is a question that passionate the humanity. The only certain thing is that the Sphinx takes the breath of everybody that sees it, like Cairo itself.



Egypt Al Qahirah


Egypt Cairo




Egypt Africa


Egypt Africa


Egypt Al Azhar Park


 Al Azhar Park


Egypt Al Fustat


 Al Fustat


Egypt Al Qahirah


Al Qahirah


Egypt Architecture




Egypt Bab Zuweila


Bab Zuweila


Egypt Cairo Attractions


Cairo Attractions


Egypt Cairo Opera House


Opera House


Egypt Cairo People


Cairo People


Egypt Cairo Picture


Cairo Picture


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Egypt Capital City

Capital City


Egypt Citadel of Salahideen

Citadel of Salahideen


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Egypt Fruits






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