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Fustat represents the Islamic Egypt’s first capital in the Arab domination. The city was built in 642 CE (right after the Egypt was conquered by Arabs) by a general named Amr ibn al-As and it is said that the city’s name is inspired by the military word used in Roma: fossatum. Not only that between the 7th and 14th centuries, Fustat was a significant commercial city but for 200 years it developed in a one of the world’s most influential capitals. The stories from people that traveled in Fustat in the 9th century mention about constructions so high that you had to use torches to light the streets even when the sun was up in the sky. More, the city had a complex irrigation method that brought water to people’s houses and took away the residual water, things proved by the archeological discoveries. From the first Egyptian capital dates the Egypt’s first mosque, Mosque of Amr, that is still usable but due to the repeated rebuilding there is nothing from the original mosque structure remained. Some recovered artifacts may be visited in Cairo's Museum of Islamic Art, where visitors can also see numerous ancient things saved by archeologists. From the old capital buildings that still exist, the oldest is considered to be the Mosque of Ibn Tulun, dating from the 9th century. A touristic attraction in Fustat is the centre of studying ceramics and traditional pottery. The important educational centre has a 2,400 m building, with offices, lecture rooms, workshops, galleries with various exhibits, bedchambers, and artists’ guest halls, all of these being surrounded by open air gardens. Excepting the reinforcements, the used materials were native. The centre helps the revitalization of this ancient Cairo area.



Egypt Al Fustat


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Egypt Al Fustat


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